Инструкции к крео трансформеры по сборке

инструкции к крео трансформеры по сборке
Автор 2002-2017 «Будинок іграшок» Verified By VISA VISA Master Card Secure Code Master Card. Optimus Prime (Rescan, 2014) Part of the first wave of Rescan toys, Optimus changes from robot to monster truck and back in a single step. He has 5mm holes in his fists and features metallic red and silver paint. Hunter Optimus Prime (Voyager, 2013-04-27) Japanese ID number: G11 Accessories: Two missile launchers, two missiles, Matrix Saber Part of the first wave of TakaraTomy Go! toys, Hunter Optimus Prime is a redeco of the Voyager Class Beast Hunters Optimus Prime toy. Ракеты также плохо крепятся к крыльям (отваливаются, даже когда игрушка просто стоит на столе). Ребенок посчитал, что и без ракет получилось круто.

The truck also features a pressure-fired net launcher, in order to catch the similarly brick-built Rippersnapper beast. His hands can also accommodate weapon with 5mm posts. All of his accessories can peg into his hands, right forearm, backside, and vehicle sides. Если Вам известен артикульный номер конструктора Лего, укажите его в запросе. На нашем сайте Вы сможете найти единомышленников и поклонников конструкторов LEGO, подружиться с ними, обменяться мнениями и поделиться своими схемами. Однако при всём этом он — исключительно благородная натура, и не способен нанести удар в спину даже злейшему врагу.

This means his pieces can be swapped around in any order, as well as swapped with any other Hero Mashers figure… which includes figures from Marvel Comics, Star Wars and Jurassic World, meaning you can make some pretty freaky combinations. His instructions include the fifth chapter of the Tales of the Beast Hunters series. He was redecoed into Go! Hunter Optimus Prime and Go! Hunter Nemesis Prime. Additionally, he features a 5mm port for a trailer hitch. All of his included weapons can be wield by any Warrior Class figures, although the accessories are associated with Bumblebee, Grimlock, Sideswipe, Strongarm, Jazz, & Drift.

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