Bob long g6r инструкция

bob long g6r инструкция
Generation 5 Intimidators were made in two body styles: the Vice marker and the Protege, the former being the more expensive and in some ways more refined high-end version. Lurker rams have a cult following within the Intimidator owning and collecting community. Nonetheless, the Intimidator can still be seen in use today at many paintball fields. Automag (Airgun Design)Autococker (WGP) Impulse (Smart Parts) ION (Smart Parts) Spyder (Kingman)Mini (Invert)Freestyle (ICD) Маркер Tippmann 98 Custom — легенда пейнтбола.

Обсуждение этой темы на форуме Описание других маркеров. The aforementioned 4C eye and laser 4C eye systems which uses two additional sensors to calculate the amount of time it takes for a ball to be fully loaded into the breach and tells the board to pre-charge the solenoid. The Intimidator (or Timmy for short) is an electropneumatic paintball marker that was manufactured by former professional paintball player Bob Long and his company, Bob Long Technologies.

The Vice came with a Tadao board stock as well as a lever lock feedneck, a pillow bolt and more intricate milling. Named the G6r, the marker was released in 2011. This model was the standard edition. This edition was upgraded with a cam-drive ASA, a Frenzy OLED board, and new through air passage ways, with a new pricetag of $999.99. A 2012 special edition Generation 6 Intimidator was also released with multi-colored anodizing and the body surface milled into the shape of flames. Уже многие специалисты характеризуют G6R Intimidator не иначе как «самый продвинутый и технически совершенный маркер High-end класса в настоящее время». Тяжело пока судить о справедливости таких заявлений, поэтому оставим их на совести этих специалистов. В этом разделе нашего сайта собраны обзоры маркеров, фидеров, пейнтбольных шаров.

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