Moulinex automatic rice cooker на русском языке инструкция

moulinex automatic rice cooker на русском языке инструкция
Also the condensation on the lid may have dripped down on to the work surface. Technical support Why does the fryer make a noise during use? Functions[edit] Typical programs include: Cook (standard) – comes to a boiling point and maintains it for a predetermined amount of time.

What are the risks of mixing water and oil and what precautions should I take? This steam may condense and drops of water may fall from the bottom of the handle. Technical support I can see scratches in my appliance. Is it dangerous? This modifies your appliance’s cooking performance.Recommendations and rules for using greaseproof paper or aluminium foill in Fry delight:- Never put greaseproof paper or aluminium foill in the appliance without putting food on it. Find more detailed information in the Guarantee section of this website. The internal parts may make noises with the change in temperature.

Some multicookers have a glass lid.[7] Heating element – mounted in the housing, it cooks the food. Control panel – part of the housing, this consists of a microprocessor with programs which are displayed showing the process, temperature and programs.[3] It also includes several buttons to control the process. Where can I find more Fry Delight recipes? Fry the food in smaller quantities (particularly frozen foods) for better results.c) You did not cook the food long enough. Please go to the “Accessories” section of the website to easily find whatever you need for your product.

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