Конспект урока и презентация по теме is it easy to travel nowadays

конспект урока и презентация по теме is it easy to travel nowadays
Wood, horn, leather, and clay are also used. Uzbeks typically work in the bazaar, selling goods. They will not agree. – Они не согласятся. В отрицательном предложении will объединяется с частицей not, образуя сокращенную форму. Но здесь есть одна особенность – изменение формы слова: will + not = won’t. Например: It won’t break. We won’t find.

Well, you’ll probably be surprised to know that there are a lot of people who don’t have a clue about how to use one. But there is no denying the fact that the cinema-going habit is still a strong one. No matter how large the place you live in is (whether it’s a big city or a small provincial town, or even a settlement) there’s most likely to be a cinema there. Tashkent was a center of espionage in the Great Game rivalry between Russia and the United Kingdom over Central Asia.

This was supposed to maintain a level of interethnic tension in the area, so that these closely related groups would not rise up against him. The biggest is the grave of Yunus Khan, grandfather of Mughal Empire founder Babur. People are expected to marry in their early twenties, after they have finished secondary school, and to have children quickly. What are the characteristic features of BE and AE? What version do you prefer and why?Слайд 15British and American English British English The only correct version of English Has a longer history “ The Queen’s English” The purest form of English B.E. shouldn’t be changed.

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