Мануал ultrapulse lumenis

мануал ultrapulse lumenis
Several years ago the fractional laser was developed and again many companies copied the concept improving on it. The Encore uses a CO2 laser in three different modes to produce precise resurfacing of the skin resulting in smoother skin with a more even color. Moreover, they also do not have to opt for several smaller treatments to fix more than one skin concern.Secondly, this treatment is much more comfortable than many similar skin rejuvenation systems. Also there is more risk with more heating. To reduce the negative aspects of the procedure, newer lasers, newer wave lengths, etc were developed, but with lessening the improvement. Web reference: I personally prefer fractional laser resurfacing for most of my patients now, however there are several lasers that can achieve good results, depending on your examination and desired result. Refer to the operator manual for a complete list of intended use, contraindications and risks.

Industrial Equipment Consulting Services & Sales. lumenis | industrial equipment supply & sales — Haven’t found Lumenis online? Holmium lasers are intended solely for use by physicians trained in the use of the Ho:YAG (2.1 μm) wavelength. Ультраимпульс UltraPulse®: высокая пиковая мощность и короткое время импульса, максимально глубокое проникновение, тонкая микрозона повреждения, быстрое заживление. For fare skinned individuals, CO2 is most likely to give the best result. Go to a surgeon that does a good deal of Fractional CO2 laser treatments, and is well trained. Available in a variety of configurations, but primarily an IPL based system. While traditional CO2 lasers remove the entire surface of the skin in order to reveal fresh, new layers underneath, the UltraPulse laser uses fractional laser technology to effectively resurface the skin with minimal side effects and risks.

Еще в 1996 году американские ученые под руководством Рокса Андерсена* определили, что импульс СО2 лазера длительностью более 1 миллисекунды вызывает серьёзные повреждения тканей, окружающих область абляции. There is a definite difference between fractional resurfaicng and CO2 laser resurfacing. The settings can be tailored to closely match the patient’s desires and cater to different skin imperfections. So, it doesn’t require the patients to undergo an aggressive treatment to achieve visible results. LasersSurg Med, 12:353-363, 1992.Phillips, C. , Landman, J. Lasers… Lumenis Ultrapulse is a one of its kind skin rejuvenation system that has seen a rapid rise in popularity for the superior results it delivers. Это является гарантией быстрого заживления и этим объясняется высокая безопасность процедур абляции на Ultrapulse.

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