Презентация apple s keynote как открыть на windows

презентация apple s keynote как открыть на windows
Select PPT as the the format you want to convert your KEY file to. And iPads have additional advantages in allowing easy on-screen annotation right on top of your Keynote slides! Just drop it onto you slide.You can also import media by choosing Insert > Choose from the top menu.If you are importing media from iPhoto, iTunes, iMovie or Aperture, you can use the excellent media browser. The .KEY file is stored in the Mac OS X package format and contains a variety of presentation elements such as slides, text, images, graphs, charts, tables, and transitions. Keynote для MacKeynote для Mac упрощает импорт файлов и работу с ними, даже если в последний раз они редактировались не в Keynote.

Choose the KEY file that you want to convert. You can also share files for editing as well, and even password protected when sharing. Выберите способ отправки документа (например, «Почта», iTunes или «Сообщения»). Завершите выбранный процесс отправки. Here is how: Save the keynote file on your computer (e.g. macreports.key) Then right click the file and select Rename Change the file’s extension to .zip (e.g. macreports.zip) Now open this new zip file.

This is an overview of software support for the Office Open XML format, a Microsoft document file format for saving and exchanging editable office documents. Свежая версия «офиса» резко нагоняет отставание в юзабилити, наконец-то раскрывая перед пользователем свои сильные стороны. When you use iWork for iCloud, you access all your presentations on any Mac or Windows PC web browser. Microsoft Office Mobile 6.1 supports Office Open XML on Mobile devices.[23] The Mac OS X-based NeoOffice office suite supports opening, editing, and saving of most Office Open XML documents since version 2.1.[25] OnlyOffice, an online office suite, can read and write Office Open XML format.

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