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Retrieved 2014-01-16. [dead link] ^ Liu, Johnny (April 2005). «Spider-Man 2 — psp Review». Game Revolution. Peter defeats Dr. Octopus, pushing him into a switch, shocking him. Spider-Man follows it to the New York Maximum Security Prison where a large group of thugs are causing a riot. The elevator only snaps in 90° intervals, so you may have to rotate it a bit.

Soon after this, he thwarts an attack in the streets of Manhattan by The Rhino. Spider-Man is trying to balance his civilian and superhero life, frequently late or absent for school, work, and leisure time with his friends. The player has the ability to choose either to go on with the storyline or swing around the city. Starting from $ 79.99 DESIGN YOURS All Accessories Controllers & Remotes Stands Headsets & Communication Hard Drives & Chargers Cables & Networking Wheels & Joysticks Interactive Toys.
Mysterio is upset with Spider-Man because he trifles with his power once again, and he tells him that Spider-Man will face his doom today, and he hits him as Mysterio’s helmet drops reveals himself to be Quentin Beck. Please note that there are a few issues with settlers that can happen with older savegames. But Mysterio is not done yet; he tries to kill Spider-Man again with a giant laser gun on top of the Daily Bugle, but Spider-Man destroys it and defeats Mysterio. Spider-Man pummels his way through the robbers and saving the hostages, including Aunt May, until he reaches the basement of the bank where he confronts Doctor Octopus.

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